What Did I Just Buy?

I know what I want and the first one I see is coming home with me!!

At least, after some careful consideration and price bargaining of course. This will be a car that I own for a long time. I plan on spending a considerable amount of money on it so I want to make sure that I get a good one.

And so it begins, the endless hours of scrolling through car sale apps and second hand dealers, finding one that you like and then trying to find another one exactly the same, but cheeper! All the while justifying the price vs excessive km’s, or finding the perfect one with all the right service history and super low milage but it’s Yellow! Then just when you find the right one, the weekend rolls around and everyone else who has been looking for your car is ready to buy it before you do! Anxiety sets in and so does the “Fear Of Missing Out”.

The responsible part of you says don’t buy it without an inspection. But the human in you wants what it wants. Can’t we have both?

So we take possession of our freshly detailed, recently serviced pride and joy that has 3 months rego and could probably do with some new tyres. Our first mission is a road trip with 3 of our closest palls to an Air BNB for a wine tour in Margs to spend the rest of the personal loan you took out to buy your new whip. Of course, after you come back from your trip, full of confidence in your four wheeled friend, named “Buc” after it’s state number plate 1BUC345, you conclude that it is too close to Xmas to spend money on “Buc” just now. The rego is due and He’s been going like a Trooper. Before you know it your celebrating Buc’s 6 month birthday and all you’ve done is paid two lots of rego and no tyres. And then it happens.

The engine light comes on and that Pre Purchase inspection you intended to do, is about to be done by your mechanic. Seemingly out of the blue you receive a call advising you on a laundry list of faults with Buc that you never knew existed. The most pressing of all is the tyres, now so bald that the mechanic has a “duty of care” responsibility to not let your car leave without being roadworthy. “But it was just an engine light”

You knew about the tyres but what’s all this other stuff? How do you know that your not being taken advantage of? The truth of the matter is you most likely need the laundry list, most second hand cars do, it just leaves a bad taste because you weren’t expecting it and now the relationship between you and your mechanic is soured. It’s a very common tale within the industry, all centred around trust. If nothing else changed on this time line, other than you already being aware of your cars condition, then you would most likely have the greatest amount of trust in your mechanic because he is now confirming what you already knew. You are in agreeance and we like people who agree with us!

At Car Walkers we understand that having your new purchase inspected is extremely valuable. Even if it cannot be inspected before purchase, it is just as well inspected after. In most cases, Pre Purchase vehicle inspections don’t have an impact on whether we buy the car or not. If it is worth inspecting it is normally worth buying. The value of a vehicle inspection comes from knowing what to expect and when.
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