Stop Over Servicing!

If you think sending your car in for a “major service” every 6 months is good for your car, then your probably going to be disappointed. Here’s why.

A generic service like a “Minor Service” or “Major Service”, is just an inspection with an oil change. The only difference between the two is that a major service might include spark plugs or an air filter change.

The right way to service your car is according to the logbook, which sets out a service schedule for all the serviceable items in relation to how many kilometres you have travelled or in some cases, time. When the two styles of servicing get mixed, it has its own set of problems and the customer always pays.

If you can’t look at your service record and easily tell what has been serviced and when, then you will end up paying for things twice, or worse, never servicing important items that could lead to an expensive break down!

The longer this goes on the worse it gets. Batteries get replaced while they are still in a warranty period, Spark plugs and air filters get replaced every 10,000km’s when they are designed to last 20,000km’s and other service items like fuel filters and transmission filters never get serviced because they are not included in a generic service. The same thing is true for, fan belts, radiator hoses, oil leaks never get attended to, brakes and tyres wear out in between services. We see this all the time.

You can avoid this by using Car Walkers. Here’s how.

On average, most cars will travel 10,000 kms every 8 months and general maintenance inspections should be done at least every 4 months, so we work in 4 month cycles. A workshop service followed by a driveway inspection 4 months after to keep on top of any emerging issues.

Imagine knowing that every dollar you spend on your car is going towards service items that are designed to give you reliability and save you from expensive break downs. Your car is a well engineered piece of equipment that, if looked after, will give you years of trouble free motoring and with a comprehensive service record, should have a resale value much higher than the average second hand car. You can pass on the confidence you have in your car to the new owner and know that they are getting genuine reliability.

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