I’m having a breakdown!


I could see it coming, stuck at home, no one giving me attention. I was feeling flat.

And that’s when it happened. The highest of highs to the lowest of lows. My owner was walking towards me, She was looking sharp. Reusable shopping bag tucked under her arm with a David Jones flyer folded in a freshly inked shopping list. We were going out!!

We shared a laugh as She pressed the wrong buttons on the remote. First locking the doors and then the boot released!, a happy accident since She needed to put some things in my boot basket.

“THUNK”…….followed by a sigh….oh no.

With the keys now securely locked in my boot along with her phone and shopping list, I realised that we were in a spot of bother. “Quick, get the neighbour” I rasped, but it came out as the pathetic moaning death rattle from my car alarm flattening its self with the last remaining volts.

I woke to the reassuring words of the Roadside Assistant. “In the boot are they? No problem, we’ll have you on your way in just a moment.” I passed in and out as the technician went about his work. I felt my boot pop followed by my bonnet and then ZAP!! as though Zeus himself was holding the jumper leads.

“OK try that” my Yellow angel pronounced. As I spluttered to life it was obvious that I needed to take better care of myself. Never had I felt so related to Henry Ford. The Technician was polite in a way that respected my owners situation but clear about the need to replace my battery. “Unfortunately when vehicles don’t get used they deteriorate. Normally the first thing to go is the battery.” My owner, now realising the day would not go to plan, walked back inside and exchanged the David Jones (flyer of dreams), with her emergency credit card. A battery today, the blouse will have to wait.

As our roadside assistant drove away there was still a sense of duty, the shopping wont do itself. The shine of an adventure had been replaced by a cloud of uncertainty, what would become of me if something else goes wrong? What’s next? We have been together for 15 years and I’ve seen this before. Next door, “Cherry Bomb” , a mint condition, always garaged Toyota Corolla started coughing one day and was gone the following week. Her last words were “I’m going in for a service”

……Am I going in for a “Service”?

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